So many blossoms 

never bear


Blooming Blossoms aims to enable disadvantaged children and young people overcome disability and learning difficulties. We are here to guide, assist and support so that no one should need to navigate this difficult journey on their own. 

We provide a wide range of after school activities and projects. We employ an holistic approach 

exploring all avenues, from outdoor play, messy play, music art, traditional therapy, play therapy ,drama and more.

We advocate for over 184 learning-disabled children, young people and their families every

year by delivering over 25 services throughout London.

Our exciting projects explore  multiple avenues and provide well deserved respite for the disadvantaged children and their parents. They are a welcomed break amidst the long journey to success. 


Blooming Blossoms Trust is a registered charity, based in Hackney. Blooming Blossoms aims to weed barriers of disability such as limitations, social prejudices, and poverty. We are here to help disadvantaged children overcome obstacles so that each child can thrive and blossom in a healthy environment which is conducive to their growth and development. Booming Blossoms believes that given a supportive, nurturing environment every child can blossom; regardless of disability, disadvantage or dysfunction. Just like real flowers grow from dirt so too can our kids. 



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