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Children Don't Fit in a BOX

Blooming Blossoms Trust stands strives to create a nurturing environment that celebrates individuality and unlocks the full potential of every participant. Just as different species of plants, fruits, and flowers thrive in unique climates and environments, we recognize that young people require tailored support systems to flourish. Moreover, our commitment to environmental stewardship is interwoven with our efforts to empower marginalized youth, using nature, gardening, and environmental social action activities as catalysts for positive change.

We firmly believe in the inherent worth and capabilities of every individual and embrace the rich tapestry of diversity that makes each person unique. Our vision centers on creating a safe and inclusive space where young people, regardless of their backgrounds or abilities, are given equal opportunities to grow and thrive. By harnessing their differences and strengths, we foster an environment that encourages self-discovery, self-expression, and personal growth.

We prioritize marginalized young people who may face additional challenges due to learning disabilities and societal barriers. By providing them with a platform to participate actively and contribute meaningfully, we aim to uplift their voices and empower them to overcome obstacles. Through nature-based activities and hands-on experiences, we help instill a sense of belonging, purpose, and agency in their lives. By recognizing and addressing their unique needs, we create an environment where they can flourish and become the best versions of themselves.

Caring for the environment is an integral part of Blooming Blossoms Trust's ethos. We recognize the interconnectedness of all living beings and the delicate balance of our planet's ecosystems. By combining our passion for youth empowerment with environmental conservation, we foster a deep sense of environmental responsibility among our participants.
We extend our commitment to environmental sustainability by promoting inclusive practices that respect the needs of individuals with disabilities. 

Some children, for no clear reason, feel like elephants in their classrooms. They fail academically. They are loners socially, and are misunderstood by their families. They squeeze and twist themselves to fit the box, but usually don't succeed. In this process they are hurting and desperate to be understood and valued for who they are. These children are slipping through the cracks in support systems; they do not need special schools or juvenile delinquency programs. They don't meet NHS criteria for therapy or ECHP levels for a statement. This is a child on the playing field; when all the children are running right, he is fixed on a ladybug creeping out of earth

We offer an after school and holidays program uniquely geared to different kids. Mad Discovery Lab for gifted kids, The Walking Talking Feeling Sensory Garden, Literacy Literally Club for immigrant children and those with communication deficits, The Shape Sorter Talent Club etc.  We serve 80 children on a weekly basis and 40% during seasonal periods. 89% of these children's family's are reliant on means tested benefits and some have no recourse to public funds. Children come from London boroughs of Haringey and surrounding areas.

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