Our prize project:  A state of art therapy centre featuring a range of conventional and holistic therapies free of charge to 184 disadvantaged users with a key focus on Occupational therapy and Speech and Language therapy.  All therapies are provided by a skilled licensed therapist who is assisted by committed and talented student volunteers.

Children diagnosed with conditions such as  learning disabilities, autism, ,ADHD, learning disabilities, Developmental and Co-ordination Disorder (i.e. Dyspraxia, Sensory Integration Disorder), and specific learning difficulties benefit greatly from the combined approach of speech and language therapy and children's OT (occupational therapy).

Other therapies offered are Music, Drama, Dance and Art, Sand tray, messy play and gardening. These therapies hone children`s expressive skills, are calming and support children’s behaviour, social and emotional development.  
Each child is assessed by professional who then invites all stakeholders like parents, carer, teacher, social worker to a meeting where personal IEP Learning outline is drawn. The child benefits from relevant therapies on a group and individual basis. Stakeholders will be advised and supported to integrate skills at home and/or in school.


different kinds of therapies offered.


disadvantaged children and young people accessing this project.


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