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Sensory Safari

''Where all kids thrive''

A child with SPD - Sensory Processing Disorder -  feels like a foreigner in a far-flung country. Everyday textures, sounds and tastes can overload them and make them feel like they are jumping out of their own skin. The sound of pencil scratching on paper can feel like exploding cannonballs and the taste and texture of bread can feel like steel wool or metal on a filling. These experiences impact the way they learn, live and socialize. Amidst all this sensory stress, children with SPD and sensory integration difficulties can find refuge and healing in a special kingdom, equipped with trapezium swings, lighting effects, soft padding floors and walls. The Sensory room is a space designed to help children learn to regulate their brain's negative reactions to external stimuli by developing coping skills for when they experience sensory over and under load. This room is also utilized by our Occupational Therapist and play therapist who delivers group and 1-1 OT therapy which builds development, life and academic foundation skills.

In play children learn how to learn.

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