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Literacy Literally Club

''Where all kids can''


This is a homework club at our center open to all local kids, staffed by volunteer college and sixth form students and supervised by a veteran teacher.   We have an upwards of 300 children benefiting from this service, all of whom have their own individual reason for needing this service. These include:

 1. Users who come because they have no one to support or supervise homework  sessions at home.


 2. Children who have missed a large chunk of work due to illness

 3. Participants that have diagnosed or undiagnosed learning difficulties and benefit        from volunteer tutors 

 4.Children who just come because our place is a safe and warm haven for kids to hang  out


For some children the instructions in their math text books feels like Russian; others struggle to demystify social cues and gestures and struggle to communicate basic ideas. Literally literacy operates bi-weekly during after school hours and employs latest researched methods to support children to reach peer level literacy targets and to communicate effectively, so that they can understand and feel understood.


Securing the future of

80 children!

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