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The Feeling Talking Walking Garden

The Feeling Talking Walking Garden is a green space that features plants and sensory items that children can touch, smell, hear, and see. Other features include raised beds underneath a pergola with a sensory path, a mud kitchen with a chalkboard that children can use for play. At the rear there are music making instruments and a natural climbing frame. Other features include a wooden hut for imaginary role play and shelter from inclement weather and a shed to store garden sensory toys for sand and water play and special modified trikes.
The natural sensory garden with natural materials will bring opportunities for inquiry and learning in the developmental domains. Creative and cognitive development occurs as children work with natural loose materials like leaves, sticks, and rocks, to build, sort, compare and discuss. They learn science concepts by comparing/contrasting different scented herbs and watching plants grow. Their large muscle development grows as they learn to how to practice balance on stepping stones. Children develop coordination and fine tune small muscle control by carefully touching, and grasping, and investigating leaves of plants. Children with sensory overload which triggers tantrums or withdrawal behaviours and emotional regulation issues will have ample opportunities to stimulate senses and thereby regulate. The garden will be a space where children can just be, or play in pairs and socialize in a relaxing ambience.
Children have opportunities to tend to raised beds and plant and thereby gain a sense of ownership and pride.

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