School is a nightmare for a child with learning disabilities. Thorns of failure nibble at their self-esteem like pernicious predator bugs. They feel lifeless and clumsy, withering in a climate not friendly to learning disability. 88% of disabled children have reported to being bullied by other kids and affected by stigma. Many of these children are labelled as lazy, good for nothing, or dumb. This, on top of their additional disability challenges, stunts their growth, sucks their motivation and hinders their ability to blossom .

We offer 2 fulfilling weeks of Summer play scheme and 1 week of sleep away respite retreat for 82 children. In this refreshing, non-stigmatising environment, children can let go of their struggles and focus on having fun in the sun, children will be nurture to blossom and grow tall and proud-just like sunflowers. Both camps offer a stimulating balance of trips, sports, arts workshops, and social opportunities. The Summer camp is held each year in a different picturesque location which is friendly to disabled users.



helped me so much.

“I had to much fun! Never before did I have the opportunity to relax and just be me. And I made so many new friend too.”